St. Ignatius girls basketball seniors

Below are some variation of the same photo just to give the everyone an idea of how much I can play with the editing in Photoshop.

original in camera photo.
Cropped, with texture and contrast turned up really high and some removal of shadows and highlights.
Same as above, but with an even tighter crop.
The original files are big enough I can even change from a vertical to a horizontal.

Link to the gallery is here:


password is: seniors


1 .  Have each player pick-out the image they want and I will go back in and give it the full treatment to make that frame look as good as it can. Best way to pick is use the last 4 numbers of the file name. File name looks like this “210220-StIgnatius-g-bbk-2021-seniors–IMG_4394″

It is located under the large version of each photo.



2. Parents/coach can reach out to me at and let me know which image they want me to touch up. 


I will have digital files off to whomever needs them by Monday morning.